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Name of the Publishing House: Madresse

Add. No.7, Shahid Haghighattalab Str. Gharani Ave. Tehran-Iran

Director: Hamidreza Shahabadi

Madresse Publication House is an Iranian publisher affiliated with the Ministry of Education & Training. It is one of the largest publishers of educational books in Iran.

Madresse Publication House was established in 1980 by the Educational Research and Planning Organization of the Ministry of Education & Training. Mr. Hamidreza Shahabadi is currently in charge of the management of this institution.

So far, this institute has been able to produce and publish over 3000 book titles in the fields of religion, society, culture, education, and research.

Madresse is exclusively in charge of the production and publication of books and cultural products with an educational and training approach in Iran and operates in the field of production and publication of educational and non-educational books by employing skilled Iranian experts and authors and using technical and graphic techniques in accordance with book illustration international standards.

Fields of published books include:

– Children and Young Adults

: Introducing Some Titles

Title: Gili Gili Series (8 Vols.)







Author: Susan Taghdis

Illustrator: Meysam Musavi

Subject: Fiction (Story)                      

Year of Publishing: 2017/1st edition

No. of Pages: 20 (each Vol.)

Size: 19×19

Age of Group: 6+


Gili Gili Is Feeling Hot

ISBN: 9789640810873

The weather was very hot. Gili Gili (the little elephant) went to the crocodile’s pond to swim. The bigger elephants told him that the crocodile would not allow that and would eat him up. But Gili Gili went and asked the crocodile for permission and the crocodile permitted him to swim in his pond on the condition that he would not make the water of the pond muddy and would not damage its wall. However, by jumping up and down in the pond, Gili Gili both made the water muddy and damaged its wall…

The message of the book to children is that when they make a promise to someone, they should keep their promise or else they would face problems. The book contains simple text and beautiful illustration

Gilly Gilly and the Bird

ISBN: 9789640810859

Gilly Gilly is a plump and chubby elephant. One day, it met a small bird on a hill. It talked well of Gilly Gilly’s big limbs, long trunk, and flat ears. The bird accepted his words and then flew away with its small wings. Gilly Gilly said itself: “If such a small bird can fly, why can’t I with such a big body?” It jumped up but it fell and injured its trunk and ears. This illustrated book is one volume of Gilly Gilly books collection enjoying the short text, attractive stories, and beautiful illustrations. The author aims to teach moral and behavioral concepts to children.


Title: “Would you Like to be a ….” Series (5 volumes)







Author: Laleh Jafari

Illustrator: Fariba Asli

Years of Publishing:2017/2nd edition

No. of Pages: 16

Age Group: 3+

Size: 19×19


Would You Like to be a Whale?

 ISBN: 9789640812129

Daddy whale went hunting a seal with his children. They waited in the depth of the sea for the seals playing on the beach to enter the water. Right as they entered the water, daddy whale took his head out of the water and took a deep breath. So, above his head, a jet of water was formed. By seeing the jet, one of the young seals swam toward it but daddy whale felt pity for it and did not feel like hunting it. So, he and his children had to return home empty-handed and to eat the food left from before. This book includes a short text, beautiful illustrations and an attractive story that aims to teach children scientific concepts in the form of illustrative stories. By reading this book, children will learn useful points about whales. One of the special features of this book is the beautiful pictures of whales provided on the last pages of this book.

Would You Like to be an Elephant?


 ISBN: 9789640812129

Mommy elephant and her baby were playing by the sea. Mommy elephant put her head under the water but the baby elephant was scared if its mom may get choked. The baby elephant did not know that elephants can breathe with their trunk while their heads are underwater. Later, the mommy elephant scattered some soil over the baby to prevent mosquitoes to sit on it and biting it. The baby elephant got sad about why its mom made it dirty but its mom explained the reason for that act. Then, went into the jungle and ate a lot of tree leaves. This book includes an attractive story, beautiful illustrations, and short text which tries to teach children useful points about elephants. One of the special features of this book is that it includes a small album of elephants’ beautiful pictures.

 Would You Like to be a Turtle?

ISBN: 9789640812129

Mommy turtle had a lot of eggs containing babies in her stomach. She walked and walked until she found a good place on the beach. There, she hid the eggs under sands. After some months, baby turtles hatched out the eggs. They saw there were a lot of crabs and birds in their surroundings. They got frightened and went into the sea rapidly. In the sea, they were not safe because of the big fishes. This book includes an attractive story, beautiful illustrations, and a short text which teaches children things about turtles. One of the special features of this book is it includes beautiful pictures of turtles.

Would You Like to be a Goose?

ISBN: 9789640812129

After a long time, mommy goose gave birth to four babies. After some days, she threw them into the water to let them swim. She entered the water immediately after them to take care of them. Suddenly, she noticed that instead of 4 babies, there are six followings her. These two extra were the babies of her neighbor who had been lost.

This book includes an attractive story, beautiful illustrations, and short text which tries to teach children useful points about geese. The last pages of the book include a small album of pictures of geese.

Would You Like to be a Swan?

ISBN: 9789640812129

Daddy and mommy swan loved their children so much and took care of them day and night. One day, mommy swan took them with herself to swim. Suddenly, daddy swan heard the sound of a wild duck. The duck wanted to attack the children but mommy swan concealed her children’s underwater plants and daddy swan chased the duck. This book includes an attractive story and beautiful illustrations and it teaches children useful points about swans. The last pages of the book are a small album of pictures of swans.

Title: 7 books Series







Subject: Fiction (Story)

Year of Publishing: 2019/2nd edition

No. of Pages: 20 (each Page)

Size: 19×19

Age of Group: 6+

Hapali Hapou and an Apple

Author: Afsaneh Sha’bannezhad

Illustrator: Mohammadhussein Tavakkoli

ISBN: 9789640812196

Hapali Hapou is a lazy giant kid in the jungle and does not know what to do when he is alone? One day when he was lying down under a tree, he saw an apple on one of the branches. Hapali Hapou said sadly: How hard it is to pick it up! My hands and legs will get tired. Who will pick the apple for me?

Hapali Hapou sees an apple on a branch and wishes he could get that apple, but being lazy he goes through certain unexpected incidents…

A Fluttering Game

Author: Sharareh Vazifeshenaas

Illustrator: Mahsa Dor al-Taj

ISBN: 9789640812556

A duckling had lost its mom. The lady of the farm took it to her home to let it play with her chickens. The lady, herself, went around looking for the duckling’s mom. The duckling began to fight with the chickens while playing near the pond or with the soul on the ground. When the duckling’s mom and the farm lady showed up and saw them fighting with each other, they suggested they play a fluttering game.

This book includes a short text, beautiful illustrations, and an attractive story that teaches children the concept of finding common points for being a friend and making up.

Shine, Lady Sun

Author: Tahere Kharadvar

Illustrator: Hadise Ghorban

ISBN: 9789640812570

Lady ant was cold so she asked the lady sun to shine but she could neither hear lady ant’s voice nor see her. The centipede climbed to the top of a tree and called lady sun from there. Again, lady sun could not hear him. The tree shook its branches asking the lady sun to shine but she did not hear that too. The crow flew to the sky and near the clouds and asked lady sun to shine but lady sun who was sleeping under the quilt of clouds could not hear him too. The crow made holes in the clouds. This made clouds rain. Then, the clouds moved away and lady sun woke up.  This book includes a short text, beautiful illustrations, and an attractive story.


The Old Bench

Author: Mohammadreza Shams

Illustrator: Sara Khoraman

ISBN: 9789640812578

It was the time of retirement for the class-old bench. One day, the school servant told it that he had to take it to a jungle. When it reached the jungle, the trees welcomed it so warmly and celebrated it. After passing some days, the old bench missed the school and desired to go back to the class. So, the trees helped it to change the jungle to a school. This book enjoys a short text, beautiful illustrations, and an attractive story.

Have You Not Lost a Child?

Author: Sepideh Khalili

Illustrator: Somayye Alipour

ISBN: 9789640812594

The baby hedgehog had lost his mother. The rabbit wanted to be his mother, but the baby hedgehog refused. The rabbit got upset and left. She saw a fox on the way who wanted to hunt him. The mother hedgehog who was looking for her child saved her and the Rabbit helped her find her baby. The book contains a short text and a beautiful story with beautiful illustrations. The book “Have You Not Lost a Child?” has also been published in the form of a film book so that children, in addition to reading books and listening to stories, can see and enjoy the story in the form of a short animation based on the book.

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