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Mobtakeran Publishing Company was established by Yahya Dehghani in 1987. Beginning with providing educational material for students, the Company soon developed to publish encyclopedias and academic books, design multi-media educational software, and tools, conduct educational tests, training course and E-learning courses, and provide counseling services for the children and the parents engaged in Mobtakeran’s wide educational network.

Having created some 3000 titles ever since, the company expanded, leading to the foundation of a department focusing on fiction and literature for the children and young adults (2006). Mobtakeran company has brought together the most professional, dedicated and talented employees in different branches, editorial, graphic, sale, advertisement, etc., to provide the customers with the highest quality service. True to its slogan, “Quality is the key to permanence”, Mobtakeran has been elected as the publisher of the year by Tehran International Book Fair in 2009, 1997 and 2010.During these 31 years, Mobtakeran has been honored to receive numerous awards from different cultural institutions: awarded 10 times by “Iran Children’s Book Council”, 3 times by “Roshd Educational Festival” conducted by Iran’s Ministry of Education, once by “Iran Publishers Association» and nominated for “Book of the Year Awards” conducted by Iran’s Ministry of Culture.

Michka’s Some bestsellers books

The Bedtime Guests








  Author: Farzaneh Rahmani

Illustrator: Mojgan Sa’eedian

Date of Publishing: 2019

Pages: 24

Size: 22×22

Age Group: 3+

ISBN: 9789640728024

*English text is available.






About the Book:

     Just when her mom turns off the bedroom light, they appear out of nowhere. She blinks and stares at the three weird creatures, hoping to drive them away. Yet the purple wolf, the white snake, and the green ball don’t budge and they stay where they are.  When she screams and calls her mom, her mom turns on the light. Once she tells her mom what she just saw, her mom comforts her by saying that it seems that they are the bedtime guests, because she used to see them in her own bedroom when she was a little girl, too! Then again, these guests are different for every individual child and that’s part of the fun.


Reading This Book Is Banned!







  Author: Alireza Mojabi

Illustrator: Razieh Darzi

Date of Publishing: 2018

24 pages, Size: 16.5×21 cm

Age Group: 8+

ISBN: 9789640727751 

*English text is available

About the Book:

     Each part narrates a short story for children, and it creates an eternal picture in the mind of children who can communicate easily with the character, plot, setting and what happens through a very short adventure. Actually, before the keen reader knows it, he/she will find himself/herself flipping through the pages, craving for more extraordinary mysteries.Each piece is accompanied by a unique illustration which leaves a magnificent mark on the reader’s mind.

Detective Poddy in Oak Forest







  Author: Nooshin Shabani

Illustrator: Sam Salmassi

Date of Publishing: 2018

136 Pages, 16.5×21cm

Age Group: 8+

ISBN: 978964072…..

*English text is available.

*Praised in Parandey-e Abi Festival.







About the Book:


  Detective Poddy is a special eco-warrior appointed by the king of the jungle to preserve the environment. He is a relaxed, gluttonous detective who uses amusing tricks on his ecological missions to save the day and his catchphrase is, ‘never mind at all!”

 In the first part of the series, Detective Poddy set off on an adventurous

mission to save the oak forest and fight against the squirrel hunters. Finally, he teaches the wild boars of Mashuan to be friendly with their environment. Reading this series, the children get to know the dangerous tasks of park rangers and other eco-warriors and hopefully grow to care about the environmental issues. The second part of this series, Detective Poddy, and the Black Giant, soon to be released, deals with air pollution. The third part, dealing with water pollution, will be published in April 2019.


Laughing Famous Fellows Series (2 Vols.)








Author: Hamid Abdollahian

Illustrator: Artem Group

Date of Publishing: 2016

Size: 14×20.5 cm

Age Group: 10+

*Sample English text is available.

*Nominated for the Book of the Year Award.


About the collection







The number of Laughing Famous Fellows is more than you can count with your fingers. Those people have made delicious cakes out of science and put them on our breakfast table. Unfortunately, our kids today are not able to enjoy their yummy cakes. So, the publishing house of Mobtakeran made a contract with Hamid Abdollahian to choose among those famous cooks ten fellows who have baked the most scrumptious, well-baked cakes. He has studied all their hefty books and, using a simple language brimming with fun, tried to introduce them to the kids in Iran and all over the world. The series provided for you is full of cool illustrations and cool jokes and humorous notes. Imagine we have poured the chocolate sauce all over a cake to make it more delicious for the children. Rest assured the cakes of Laughing Famous Fellows are yummy. We promise.

When we are Away Series (3 Vols.)







Author: Avisa Sharafi

Illustrator: Mojtaba Heidarpanah

Date of Publishing: 2018

Pages: 32(each Vol.)

Size: 16.5×21

Age Group: 10+

*Sample English text is available.


About the Series:

When we are not around is about weird, incredible things that happen in a mysterious school lab. The lab tools, when left alone, come to life and do some dangerous things and mess up the lab. But then the poor janitor is to blame because no matter how hard he tries to convince the others that the lab is haunted, nobody believes him.

Mobtakeran’s best-seller in 2018 International Tehran Book Fair is written by Avissa Sharafi and illustrated by Mojtaba Heidarpanah, the Iranian internationally acclaimed illustrator. Due to its good reception, the three-part series is soon to be followed with two more titles.


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