Miss Dordouneh and the Cricket

Author: Laleh Jafari

Illustrator: Mahney Tazhibi

Publisher: Mehrab-e Ghalam Pubs.

Year of Publication: 2018

No. of Pages: 24

Age Group: 6+

Size: 19× 19


About the Book:

One of the short tales from ”Friendship Series”, about a little doll who, finding herself abandoned in a classroom, makes friends with a cicada who is also stuck in there.  This collection, written for preschool children, consists of 15 stories, of which nine has been published. All the stories are thematically based on friendship and sympathy. The amusing tales and interesting illustrations are created by Iranian expert writers and skillful illustrators under direction of the renowned author, Majid Rasti, executive director of Mehrab-e Ghalam’s Board of Children’s literature. The artistic director of the board is Hoda Haddadi, the internationally acclaimed artist.

Excerpt: : Once Miss Dordouneh, a little doll, fell asleep under her owner’s desk in the classroom. Waking up, she could not hear a thing. She was left in the classroom… all alone…

About the author

Laleh Jafari , a Tehran University graduate of dramatic arts, is a writer and translator of children’s books. She has started her career as a filmmaker and a creator of puppet shows.

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