Mr. Ahmad

Mr. Ahmad

Written by: Mehdi Hejvani

Publisher: Ofoq

Publication Date: 2016

Age Group: Pre School

ISBN: 9786003532090

Size: 23 cm X 20 cm

Pages: 28

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Like all illustrated books, Mr. Ahmad is the perfect combination of story and picture. The author and illustrator have worked together to create a world of words and painting for children, to make for them a vivid story, and to encourage them to follow their imagination. Mr. Ahmad is the story of man, who doesn’t speak and can’t hear, whose name nobody knows, whom people count on to bring them light amidst darkness.  He drives with, sleeps in, and lives on his motorcycle. He brings light wherever he goes and for that, everybody loves him. They call him with different last names: Ahmad Light giver, Ahmad Brightside, Ahmad Luminous. People say good prayers to him and one day, his heart is luminous with the light of love. He marries a woman called Sun (Khorsheed in Farsi) and they together, roam around and bring light wherever they go.

This book is one of the best illustrated titles of recent years in Iran, and has been chosen to be introduced in The White Raven Catalog 2015, of International Youth Library of Munich, in Germany.

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