Namaki and the Snake who’s Wearing Glasses


Title: Namaki and the snake who’s wearing glasses

Author: Farhad Hassanzadeh

Subject: Fiction (Novel)

Publisher: Soore-ye Mehr Pubs.

Year of Publishing: 2018/4th Edition

No. of Pages: 217/Paperback

Age Group: 14+

Size: 12.5 × 19

ISBN: 9786001750427

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◙ Welcomed greatly by Iranian addresses: 4Th edition.

About the Book:

Namaki and his friend Teimoor are performing their play before a crowd of loitering people in the square of the town. They have a chain and keep spinning it for the audience and they break open a padlock with bare hands and then they show a snake which has been tamed. But nobody is really willing to pay a penny/ anything for the games of this show. Namaki’s serpent is Indian and friendly and in very good terms with Namaki. It is an intimate friend and amuses the spectators by playing games. His performance and games are very interesting. However, sometimes it is being naughty and refuses to get along and obey the boss. One day when Namaki and Teimoor are performing on their stage and the people, as usual, are standing around them and staring at them watching them very carefully, nobody puts his hand in his pocket to bring out any money for them. Suddenly city reporters arrive in the square while spoiling their performance, announcing king’s declaration and while yelling, read the news, “Seven burglars and thieves have stolen seven precious pieces of ruby from the King’s palace. They have escaped. Anybody who contributes in arresting these burglars and delivering them to the King will be given three pieces of those precious ruby stones as his prize. Namaki and the snake who wears sunglasses decide to set out for the city to find the burglars. Namaki considers himself to be forty years old. He always says, “I am 40”. Although only a teenager he pretends to be forty years old. He thinks he is very clever, intelligent and wise. He proves that he can cope with any obstacles set before him. Therefore, with the help of his snake who is wearing sunglasses he sets out to achieve his goal and starts the mission, He finally identifies the thieves one by one. He arrests them and hands them over to the King. His talking is eloquent and fascinating and he fascinates everybody.

Namaki and the snake who’s wearing glasses is a tale of a teenage boy who thinks he’s 40 years old or pretends to be 40 years old and sets out to the city to find the seven burglars of the ruby stones. They go to the village and then to the city (to look for them) and over there get involved with weird adventures which are sometimes funny. The book of Namaki includes 12 chapters. Farhad Hassanzadeh, the writer of this book, is actually rewriting very old folkloric stories. He has succeeded to present them in the new version and he has written them very beautifully. Intelligence, smartness, honesty and justice are concepts which stand out in this book. The literature is based on fiction and imagination and the application of story in another story is a structure applied by the writer in this book. The writer has used a fine irony in writing this book. As in his other books he has a social and critic’s look at the today’s problems making the book more educational for teenagers. The animation of Namaki and the Snake with glasses also has been produced in an animation film.

About the Author:

Farhad Hassanzadeh


Farhad Hassanzadeh, an Iranian well-known author and humorist started his professional career in the field of children and young adults book in 1989. He is the founder of the Iranian Association of writers for children and young adults. Hassanzadeh has pursued writing humor for children earnestly. He deals with concepts that are important for teenagers with focusing to portray their concerns. Due to what he experienced in his own life he tries to show the problems of war, such as migration, for children in his works. Farhad has penned more than one hundred books and most of them released by Iranian great publishers. Some of his books has been translated into other languages and published in various countries.

Among his books are following as:

  • The statues’ Finger(1997)
  • Bath Symphony(1995)
  • The Raisin smiles of the Happy Family(2003)
  • The Seventh Bench by the Lake(2006)
  • The Scorpions of the Ship Bambak(2009)
  • This Weblog is Relinquished(2013)
  • Carrot Milkshake(2015)

Hassanzadeh has been nominated for the International Astrid Lingren Award (2017) and Hans Christian Andersen Award (2018). He has awarded many literary prizes in Iran and abroad as well such as:

-Best Book Award from the Cultural Society of Children’s Publishers

-Silver Flying Turtle Award

-Children’s’ Special Book Award

-Best Book Award from Shahid Ghanipour Book Festival

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