One Single Nut

Author: Mohammad Reza Shams 

Illustrator: Reza Mirshojaee

Publisher: Mehrab-e Ghalam Pubs.

Year of Publication: 2018

No. of Pages: 24

Age Group: 6+

Size: 19× 19


About the Book:

One of the short tales from ”Friendship Series”, promoting friendship as a fortunate accident which makes the world more beautiful. This collection, written for preschool children, consists of 15 stories, of which nine has been published. All the stories are thematically based on friendship and sympathy. The amusing tales and interesting illustrations are created by Iranian expert writers and skillful illustrators under direction of the renowned author, Majid Rasti, executive director of Mehrab-e Ghalam’s Board of Children’s literature. The artistic director of the board is Hoda Haddadi, the internationally acclaimed artist.


The wind blew. A single nut dropped down. The beetle saw the nut. The cicada saw the nut. The ant saw the nut. All three ran towards it and stuck to it.

About the author

Mohammad Reza Shams (1952), is a prolific author of Iranian children’s literature who has been awarded several times. He has also created several puppet shows for children.

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