Real Madrid

Real Madrid 

Written by: Mohammad Tolouie

Publisher: Ofoq

Publication Date: 2014

Age Group: +12

ISBN: 9789643699994

Size:14.5 cm x 18.5 cm 

Pages: 136

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Mohammad Tolouie is an Iranian author, mostly famous because of his books for adult readers. He has won numerous national prizes, among which Golshiri Prize can be mentioned. This time, he has written a novel for young adults and the audience seems to like it very much. Real Madrid, as obvious from its title, is a book about Iranian’s love for football. A group of young boys from South of Iran, decide to go to Dubai and play a match against the younger players of Real Madrid, one of the greatest football clubs of all time. Their coach, Mr. Jalali, helps them to get on a boat to reach Dubai, but they are forced to swim 3 km to reach the shore. In Dubai nothing goes as plan: they have nowhere to stay, no money to practicem nothing to eat, and no one to ask for help. In the meantime, Mr. Jalali is caught by the police, accused of kidnapping his own daughter who lives in Dubai with her mother. Aboo, an old Iranian football player comes to their rescue and bring them to the stadium to play with the great Real Madrid, but this is not the happy ending of the story… The sweet southern accent of the boys and their simplistic minds, plus the twists of the story are the reason behind Real Madrid’s literary value and its success in the market.

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