Religious Science


Title: Religious Science

Author: Mohsen Abbasnejad

Subject: Non-Fiction (Science and Religion)

Publisher: Quranic Research Foundation Pubs.

Year of publishing: 2015

No. of Pages: 334/Paperback

Size: 16.5× 22.5

ISBN: 9786005538168


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About the Book:

Having review different approaches to religious science, the present book set out to examine various epistemological and theological challenges facing the production of this kind of science. The author attempts to show that neither the science is excluded from the realm of religion nor the language of religion and science are comparable. The reflection of the culture of the time in the religious statement, and the falsie ability of scientific propositions are the issues which are discussed here. The author’s proposal is the comprehensive assessment model according to which religious science is a knowledge that complies with comprehensive assessment model based on which the current knowledge in its entirety including its principles ,methods ,assumptions and theories would be religiously assessed. In this model, assessment means measuring science against religious scriptures, comprising of confirmatory and rest ability aspects.

The contradictory aspect of the model investigates the principles ,methods ,theories and objectives of science in the terms of their consistency with the divine laws and whether they contradict the laws or not to whether they violate the religious prohibitions or not. The confirmatory aspect of the model provides the sciences with the guiding teachings of the religious scriptures. They are measured against their corresponding teachings in terms of the basic principles, assumptions, applications and objectives of the science. This model imposes some requirements on researchers, academic establishment, and the target government, all of which are fully discussed at the concluding chapter of the book. However, it provides the scholars with some practical solutions for achieving religious-pro knowledge.

Table of Contents:

Part I: The Possibility of Religious Science

-The Possibility of Religious Science from the Perspective of the Wide Range of Religion

-Non-confessional Approach

Confessional Approach

The Possibility of the Religious Science In Terms of Method

-Religious Language

A Critique of the Impossibility of Religious Science from the Viewpoint of Contemporary of Legal Rulings

-Testability of Religious Science

The Possibility of Religious Science In Terms of Scientific Statements in Religion


Part II: The Necessity of Religious Science

-Epistemological Necessity of Religious Science

Theological Necessities of Religious Science

Part III: The Model of Broad Assessment in Religious Science (Chosen Position)

-Explanation of the Model of Broad Assessment in Religious Science

-Principles of the Model of Broad Assessment in Religious Science

-Epistemological Features of the Model of Broad Assessment in Religious Science

-Requirements of the Model of Broad Assessment in Religious Science



About the Author:

Mohsen Abbasnejad


Mohsen Abbasnejad was took his BS in Mechanical Engineering but continued his studies in Philosophy. Having studied Islamic Jurisprudence and Usool in seminary under the great contemporary jurist and philosophy under a distinguished philosopher of the eastern world, he passed the highest levels of the seminary with flying colors.

Having authored number of works in such field as philosophy, philosophy of science and Hadith, and Jurisprudence, Abbasnejad is now serving on Quran and epistemology, and the director of the Quranic Research Foundation.

In addition to penning a six-volume collection on the basics of inter-relating science and the religion, some of his other books are as follow:

-Principles and basics of the Quran and Modern Science,

-Imam Ali (A.S.) Managerial Approach,

-Imam Ali (A.S.) Personal Lifestyle,

-Basic Rights within religious Approach,

-Some Elaborations on the Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (3 Vols.)

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