Shahnameh’s Illustrated Stories

Shahnameh’s Illustrated Stories(12 vols )

Author: Hossein Fattahi

Illustrator: Team of illustrators

Publisher: Ghadyani

Years of Publishing:2017/6th Edition

No. of Pages:12(each Vol)

Age Group:8+

Size:”22× 22

ISBN: 9789645365996

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Zahhak (a prominent reptilian bloodline example of  Arabic origin) was the enemy of men. Since Satan kissed his shoulders, he grew 2 snakes from those spots. By Satan’s recommendation, Zahhak killed a youngster everyday and made a dish for the snake from the young man’s brain so the snakes eat the brain and I et him rest In those days, Jamshid was the king of Iran. Jamshid claimed Divinity and thus people scattered from around him and Zahhak defeated him and became the king. Since then the righteousness and sincerity perished until Freydon, a brave young boy whose father was slain by Zahhak and wanted revenge, joined forces with Kaveh the ironsmith whose son was murdered by Zahhak and they fought Zahhak, captured him and imprisoned him in a dark cave in Damavand Mountain. Thereafter, Freydon became the king of Iran and people lived happily.

 This collection is in fact 12 famous stories that are useful for children’s age group. The stories are mythical and in each one an Iranian king is depicted and the particulars of the time are described. Although each story has a separate context but the whole collection Is related and the stories are gathered as an Iranian life story and have a good connectivity. The stories are in fact related to ancient events, history, tradition and good Iranian customs and transfer the spirit of heroism and chivalry to the reader. The character development and subjects are very fresh and attractive for the non-Iranian children and even transfers a special sense of wonder to them. The Iranians narrate the stories for the children from the viewpoint of a child and even school textbooks take advantage of them. Surely these stories are attractive for children of the world and take them into a new story-telling environment. The illustrations are very important and the genuine themes are obvious throughout the tales. The illustration style can be very attractive for readers who do not have a previous knowledge of Shahnameh.

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