Sweet Stories For Children

Sweet Stories For Children(8 vols )

Author: Group of authors

Illustrator: Team of illustrators

Publisher: Ghadyani

Years of Publishing:1999

No. of Pages:16(each Vol)

Age Group:8+

Size:”22 × 22

ISBN: 978964173127

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

A girt had a doll and she cooked food for it, bathed it, put it to sleep, combed its hair, and celebrated its birthday. She was a mom for the doll. The girl had a playmate. They played but she never gave her doll to her fti end since she and only she was a mom to her doll. After several days her friend did not come to their home. One night the girl was staying by her maternal aunt She realized that the aunt was like her mother since she started to cook food for her. Even bathed her and combed her hair! After this event, she realized that aunts can be as good as moms. Her friend was like an aunt to her doll, therefore she decided to give it to her friend and even stayed in their home. She was not worried since she knew her friend would take care of the doll.

The book includes 10 short stories in 8 volumes for children age-group with interesting and amusing  tales. The author starts with Where are you, golden  yellow chicken? That teaches numbers and counting which is unique in its own right, also exciting and instructive for a child reader. Two primary stories can be read aloud for 5 to 7years children since the simplicity makes it easy to understand even for this age-group. The sentences are sweet and related the child with the context .Volume 8 & 7 includes stories translated by Mqjgan Sheikhi and they have been selected as superior books for Iranian schools grades 2 & 1 . The stories have instructive themes such as: teaching numbers, seasons, forgiveness, helping others, familiarity with animals, etc. The text is flowing and the sentences are simple and attractive, also the man/animal relations and indirect indoctrination of instructive elements are valuable points in these series. The books are useful, informative and charming for children all over the world with any traditions or tastes.

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