Tales before  Meals

 Tales before  Meals

Author: Fariba Kalhor

Illustrator: Kiyana Firooz

Publisher: Ghadyani

Years of Publishing:2008

No. of Pages:160

Age Group:14+

Size:”16.5 × 21

ISBN: 9789645364241

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Tales before Meals starts with the story of madam auntie who does funny things. One day she invites people and instead of pouring barberry on the cooked rice, she pours rice on a lot of barberry and serves the guests..

  • The story of a newly-wed bride that forgets to make cooked rice for cucurbit stew.
  • The story of an eggplant that did not want to share the common fate of all eggplants but finally the cook makes a tasty eggplant stew from it.
  • The story of a grandma who taught her 8 daughters the right way of cooking macaroni and was even invited to work in a famous restaurant as chef major.
  • The story of cutlets who talk a frizzle sizzle language.
  • And the story of a big brother who has returned from overseas after years and everyday eats Qormehsabzi (kind of food in Iran) and finally this same dish makes him friends with the neighboring woman.

There are 25 short stories categorized as social tales. This book is unique in the wor1d and the stories are about most delicious Iranian meals which have been presented cutely to children and even adults. Although the book seems child-like but the stories are not dedicated to any age group and like the aroma and taste of food, can satiate any hungry reader. The main point here is introducing famous and tasteful Iranian dishes. The words are simple and sweet and any child will be motivated to follow the story trail.  It is in fact a virgin entry-level work for getting into the good-smelling world of books. Reading these stories before meals gives a new meaning to eating food and its tradition.  The relationship between man and food and a fresh outlook over nutrition is transferred to the reader and it can even reduce bad eating habits among children.

 About the Author:Fariba Kalhor, the novelist and the author of the children and young adults’ literature has published more than 40 story books. She was the editor of the monthly journal of Soroush-i Koudakan for 15 years. Her book The Ruler’s Whistle was selected as the book of the year. She started writing for the adults seriously, in 2001. Kalhor has reworked numerous stories and myths such as The Myth of Gilgamesh and Inana. Some of her works include: Mr. Watermelon; The End of a Man; The Beginning of a Woman; My Beloved Husband; The Intelligentsia of Orak Planet; One-minute Stories; The Girl in Mirror-like Clothing; Today My Swallow; and The Myth of Garshasb .

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