The Computer Crow


Title: The Computer Crow

Author: Farhad Hassanzadeh

Subject: Fiction (Novel)

Publisher: Soore-ye Mehr Pubs.

Year of Publishing: 2018/4th Edition

No. of Pages: 138/Paperback

Age Group: 14+

Size: 12.5 × 19

ISBN: 9789645065851

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◙ Welcomed greatly by Iranian addresses: 4Th edition.

About the Book:

The story starts when a father of some children buys a used computer (second-hand PC) for one of his children.  They find a very mysterious software program on the computer. This program is related to the crows related to the anti-activities of organized crime (anti-violation and anti-criminal networks. Now children organize a team to identify the criminals. Mansour finds a new program in his computer in which some messages are given to him by crows. In reality, the program defines and assigns some missions to him, based on four principals: goodness, faith, honesty, and righteousness.   On this base, he and his friends are set on a mission to reveal the evils (by embarrassing them and making a scandal of their activities) and serve people by spreading goodness.

The author’s approach in this book is the genre that has tempted in today’s literature. The book is also a kind of critique of social behaviors in urban life. Although this critique is in the form of exciting missions for children, such as finding someone who spends his garbage on the premises every night and contaminates the environment … “.”The Crow of Computer” is an elaborate story not overwhelmed the complexity of science or the official critique of social shortcomings, because the author here is only storyteller. He uses a comic with a happy and intrusive way and makes it simple and easy for children to understand their own community’s problems.

We read in a part of the book:

Mansour angrily pounds on the table yelling: “You stupid! What is a game? These are recorded data on a CD, which I’ve received from the Crows who are liaisons between us and them. He gave it to me. They are real. The boys, startled and quiet, each of them looked at spots in different directions. Mansoor who broke the silence announced: “OK now do you believe it? Tooraj said: “What is our duty?

About the Author:

Farhad Hassanzadeh


Farhad Hassanzadeh, an Iranian well-known author and humorist started his professional career in the field of children and young adults book in 1989. He is the founder of the Iranian Association of writers for children and young adults. Hassanzadeh has pursued writing humor for children earnestly. He deals with concepts that are important for teenagers with focusing to portray their concerns. Due to what he experienced in his own life he tries to show the problems of war, such as migration, for children in his works. Farhad has penned more than one hundred books and most of them released by Iranian great publishers. Some of his books has been translated into other languages and published in various countries.

Among his books are following as:

  • The statues’ Finger(1997)
  • Bath Symphony(1995)
  • The Raisin smiles of the Happy Family(2003)
  • The Seventh Bench by the Lake(2006)
  • The Scorpions of the Ship Bambak(2009)
  • This Weblog is Relinquished(2013)
  • Carrot Milkshake(2015)

Hassanzadeh has been nominated for the International Astrid Lingren Award (2017) and Hans Christian Andersen Award (2018). He has awarded many literary prizes in Iran and abroad as well such as:

-Best Book Award from the Cultural Society of Children’s Publishers

-Silver Flying Turtle Award

-Children’s’ Special Book Award

-Best Book Award from Shahid Ghanipour Book Festival

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