The Donkey that Sold Apples

The Donkey that Sold Apples

Author: Mahrokh Gholamhoseinpour

Publisher: Ghadyani Pubs.

Year of publishing: 2014 /4th edition/Paperback

Subject: Short Stories

No. pages:  120

Age group: 14+


ISBN: 97860644177682

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

It was raining cat and dog. My clothes and books were all wet. I struggled and finally arrived home. The house was filled with a delicious smell/ fragrance of Eshgeneh. As soon as I stepped in the hallway/corridor I noticed a big donkey leashed and fastened in the corner of the corridor. Dad had sold his old car and (with its money) had bought the donkey. Not only I was scared to commute because of the donkey but at school I was a target of mockery as my friends made fun of me because of the animal. I felt humiliated. One day on my way to school before leaving the house I sat down on the floor facing the donkey and started talking angrily to it. I told her that I hated her. She didn’t say anything. She only squeezed his eyes. I returned home from school at noon. The donkey wasn’t there anymore. Dad had sold it. I felt sad. During the whole night I was dreaming of kind/affectionate donkeys.

This book includes eleven short stories. They have social concepts for the teenagers (the youth). Each story is based on real life experiences and the adventures of the author’s real life experiences, particularly during his youth.

The followings are the titles/topics in this book: Bibi Soghra,t was night, the moon hidden behind the clouds, When my dad bought a donkey / a jackass, When grand ma quit school, The doll, The miserable rug, The loud warning noise of the siren signaled an air raid, Appoli, Linda, Even angels hear us, Resentment

Book Excerpts: It was winter. It rained cat and dogs. My Aramark manteaux was quite wet. My books and bag were crumbled/crushed/squeezed due too much pressure under my arm. I jumped into the house’s hallway/corridor. My mother’s Eshgeneh had a very appetizing smell/fragrance/scent for a starving person. It contained eggs and pomegranate seeds. I could picture our kerosene heater resting in the corner of our old room, causing the room to be pleasantly warm. Vow! I imagined how nice it would be to sleep next to the heater after having had that Eshgeneh.

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