The Ogre Conserve

The Ogre Conserve

Written by: Mehdi Rajabi

Publisher: Ofoq

Publication Date:

Age Group: +12

ISBN: 9789643699680

Size:14.5 cm x 18.5 cm

Pages: 220

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Mehdi Rajabi has been a well-known author for a decade now. He always says his main passion is to write novels for younger adults. He has won a number of literary prizes so far, such as: Yalda Literary Prize, Isfahan Literary Prize and winner of Best Book for Children and Young Adults .The Ogre Conserve has a twist in it: a good boy who wants to be bad. Tooka is a clever boy, with whole lot of problems at home and at school. His father passed away and his mother is so depressed she doesn’t care about Tooka. In School, there are always some bully boys who want to hurt him. Hi is alone, has no friends, and gets bitten all the time. Someday, he buys a book from an old lady: the biography of a criminal. Some parts of this memoir is dextrously woven in the context of the book. Tooka decides to be a criminal because his current life is very disappointing to him. The old lady sold an Ogre Conserve to Tooka as well. The Ogre is big, bitter, speaks nonsense, like the colour yellow and doesn’t obey Tooka. When Tooka’s finger is broken in a fight at school, he has to stay home and then he’ll get to know the magic of numbers. His mathematics brilliance is flourished and he becomes a well-known math scientist. He no longer wishes to be a criminal, for now he is famous and loved.

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