The Plan of Great Path


Author: Mohsen Lasemi

Publisher: Nazari Publications

Year of publishing: 2016/2nd Edition

Subject: Non-fiction (Management)

Language: Persian

No. of Pages: 950

Size: 14×21

ISBN: 978-600-289-398– 7


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About the book:

On the threshold of basic change in the realm of economy in many countries, economic planning and determining the plan of the change alongside of the drawing of strategic programs for achieving set goals can cause a great economic jump in countries. In this path, drawing a developing pattern with the operational approach of a novel architecture is among the activities that can be considered by economic programmers at countries macro-level or organizational level. This is the architecture in which by drawing the path of change in organizations, the available capacities can be profitable more and more by utilizing appropriate tools. Capacities that by using organizational empowering resources and establishing logical, cost-effective patterns can be enjoyed of high co-efficiency potentialities in the way of improving of organization functionality. Improving of internal capacities can cause the reinforcement of economy by relying on abundant internal capacities of the country.

The book of ‘The Plan of Great Path’ put forward a new approach in strategic architecture of change and drawing implementation patterns in general science-based economic policies as a new approach in strategic architecture (change geometry) in organizations and in a short period of time, it could draw a lot of attentions of economic experts and officials of Islamic Republic of Iran executive organizations. The approach of this book according to presented strategies in the book and dealing with high potentialities of making change in organizations has an effective role in strategic change architecture in organizations. In this book, the results of changes in increasing of functionality co-efficiency economically by operation from a matrix chain of change that causes changes in the program implanting ways and re-engineering of available processes in organizations can be witnessed. This book in a coherent way, points to a set of valuable strategies that by enjoying from high potentialities of designing and setting change programs in a precise and scientific architecture has high capability of drawing programming patterns (scientific and written policies) and expansion of organization functionality. In fact, this book deals with dynamic scientific patterns of economy by means of novel managerial tools. The book of ‘The Plan of Great Path’ is written in 14 chapters and 163 titles. This book due to its scientific and patterning practicality usages is at the center of Iran scientific and academic centers. This book gains its value by dealing with innovations related to programming and developing of economic activities in organizations and expanding of such activates to the country economy macro level and operating of them by managers economy policy-makers. All industrial and service centers, research and economy strategic researches and strategic change programming centers at the organization or country levels can be potential addresses of this book.

This book is a great capacity of valuable researches results that by paying attention to it (especially drawn connecting patterns in the form of a plan of change path), it can present priceless ideas to its addresses in their ways to pass through available problems in executive organizations. Ideas that are taken from executive studies, researches and experiments of the author in operating of empowering novel organizational tools in programming and improving of organizations’ or countries macro-economy functionalities. Taken from executive studies, researches and experiments of the author in operating of empowering novel organizational tools in programming and improving of organizations’ or countries macro-economy functionalities.

The book of ‘the Great Path Map’ is the result of years of experiences and studies of the author. This book is among the works that are used 275 reliable and scientific resources from scholars and professors in the domain of economy and management of different countries and deals with expressing author’s different ideas in operating the latest economic patterns.The author of this valuable book- who has many successes in his 28 year record of execution of improvement projects- in a part of his writing says: ‘the Great Path Map’ is a gigantic capacity that makes its  addressees familiar with the latest operating programming patterns and expansion of economic activities.


About the Author:

Mohsen Lasemi(1966-Iran)

  Mohsen Lasemi is educated in operational management from IS-IRAN education and research Institute that has completed his postgraduate courses in the field of quality management systems and realization of organizational co-efficiency-increasing models in reliable educational and researching centers of Iran. He has a 25 year record of consulting, managing and designing projects in the fields of designing and implementation of organizational co-efficiency-increasing models in industrial complexes and some executive companies and spending more than twenty thousand hours of specialized courses related to compiling works, writing articles and managing and conducting great projects of Iran. Lasemi is an Iranian resourceful and active writer and researcher that besides his researches, lectures and educational activities, he has written many valuable, scientific books and articles that have been welcomed and used by most academic and reliable industrial and scientific centers of Iran and other countries like: America, Japan, Taiwan, Indiana and some other countries. He has been appreciated for such academic activities of him in various occasions in Iran and other international assemblies.

Now, Mohsen Lasemi during his continuous activities in the fields of research and presenting articles in different scientific and academic centers of Iran and other countries, is compiling and publishing some books in designing and constructing in-organization problem-solving clinics, innovation (creativity) engineering and new distribution of motivation rewards in organizations. He also in some reliable industrial and service companies in Iran undertakes the responsibility of designing and managing some important improving projects. Lasemi is married and lives with his wife and two children in Tehran.

Some of Lasemi’s Books: 

 -Surveying and Training Future leaders in Organizations

 -Organizational reinforcements and developing patterns:

 – Strategic programming and ORISE functionality management:

    _The Plan of Great Path

 _Engineering innovation (creativity) in the organization (strategic development plan creative powers of organization)

 _The new system of the distribution of rewards to create motivation in organization (strategic development program to increase productivity)

 _Application knowledge and information management program in organizations (the strategic program to plan and develop the knowledge repositories of the organization).


Sample Pages:

Chapter 1: change strategic architecture and its role in designing macro-economy patterns

Among elements that has high value and importance in industrial and economic development of a society is the society outlook to change programs and its commitment to execution of these programs by operating of proper tools. These tools enjoy high capacities of development and deals with the change program in a society basically. In this path, by surveying the needs of a society to change program initially capabilities of this program in supplying societies’ needs in a localized flexible model has to be focused. This model that by supplying the needs of the society enjoys high capabilities of change geometry in communicating between introduced tools.

These capabilities while supplying pre-requisite approaches of communicative circles in a change chain in organization enjoy high capabilities of leading, modifying, processing data and suitable information selection for operating in change chain in organizations. Among elements that have to be taken into attention in this regard is the concept of change geometry or the method of made communications architecture between change chain parts in an organization or a society. This concept that from the scientific viewpoint has specific features of communication between change chain parts that this book deals with them scientifically.

1-1- Definition of change (strategic architecture) geometry:

Change geometry (strategic architecture) by operating of new organizational reinforcement approaches, is a new approach that emphasizes on new knowledge of operating tools, resources and capacities of a suitable programming in expansion pattern designing. This pattern at the macro level of a society (country) or micro level (organizations) in developing programming by operating of new reinforcement tools deals with influential economic patterns in operating resources and capacities. Strengthening of economy foundations that rooted in the ways of operating from resources and capacities and resources management by using appropriate consumption patterns are among elements that in the architecture of change strategies in novel forms in organizations and accordingly macro level of the country are taken into account.

Among elements that in change geometry at the level of organizations and accordingly at macro level of programming are taken into attention is dealing with effective methods of strategic programming in decision-making field and functionality management in the field of execution. Operating from proper strategic programming methods in patterning and functionality programming in organizations and influential leading of designed programs toward the realization of set goals in strategic programming model are among elements that need consideration in change geometry in organizations. Change geometry in macro level programs of organizations and their executive influences at macro level of the country are among elements dealt with in organizational change geometry effectively.

In new approaches of change program architecture in organizations and at its macro level at country level, dynamic and durable economy is an economy in which with appropriate programming great available capacities of human resources in the society can be led toward appropriate operation of other capacities in a knowledge-based form. It means that humanistic capacities with updated tools and operation of recognition, deduction, exploration, manufacturing and processing technologies of available capacities deal with programming, leading, supervision and standardizing of the fields of operating of available capacities. In accordance to programming and managing of resources in available capacities of societies, reviving of resources and operating of due to consumption pattern of resources are among actions that can be manifested in another form in operating of change program in manufacturing in the society. Additionally, among pivots that are taken into attention in designing change geometry in a society (organization, or a country at macro level) is the geographical position of the organization or the country. The better this geographical position is for communicating with other markets and exchanging of services and commodities, the more suitable situations the society enjoys for attending in markets, exchanging of knowledge and data, operating from exporting capacities of economy development and… .

In the change architecture program in the country pattern with the approach of power geometry designing in economy elements can be dealt with those organizational reinforcements from high developing capacities are among them. Islamic Republic of Iran is a rich country of God-given resources, high capacities of expanding and developing abundant mineral resources that needs a serious will for reviving of these capacities and maximized operating of available resources according to observance of consumption pattern. This pattern that besides equipping suitable infrastructures in developing program of high capacities of export expansion with the approach of passing from mono-product economy takes a clear perception of economic programs.

In this path the architecture of change strategic program in organizations as an influential pattern on country macro economy programming for achieving set goals can be followed by effective economic programming.

In this path the influential roles of set economic patterns in an organization (executive bodies and industrial complexes) affect change strategic architecture elements such as surveyed pivots in designing economic change pattern in organizations. These roles according to set strategies at country macro level while supplying set strategic needs in macro level policy making, enjoy high capability of inter-organizational communication in change program. In this regard, by dealing with influential elements on change architecture in economy, this complex determines to familiarize its addresses to characteristics of designing developing pattern in economy by operating of macro-level approaches and then deals with designing of change patterns in organizations by operating of new organizational reinforcement patterns.

2-1-Change strategic architecture view on localized economy pattern 

In reviewing of change approaches in economy, power geometry that deals with strengthening of economy against economic shocks at global society level, by complete manipulating of change program in economic policy making, makes the society closer to the executing of assets management and support of knowledge-based plans with the approach of strengthening of the country power equally. This closeness that manifests a part of its influences in the support of national product, increase of the employment level, decrease of inflation and increase of efficiency in goods and services production are among strategies that by absorption and leading of assets in different industrial and manufacturing fields can provide suitable conditions for expansion of industrial and manufacturing activities in the country. Some of the side-effects of these conditions can be observed in the increase of the society security level in the area of investment and the promotion of national welfare. Islamic economy due to its high instructions in creating equal investment opportunities, regards economy dynamism a need in establishing a healthy and clear atmosphere in operating new managerial approaches. Such economy takes necessities like workers’ attention to the principles of maintaining and managing of the given assets in the process of goods production and managing and programming in resources consumption in accessible resources in the forms of raw materials, equipments and other available assets in the path of goods production as values. On the other hand, employers consider themselves responsible in supplying of workers needs according to the gained income of goods production and purchase and share workers in the profits of the increase of functionality efficiency as functionality reward as a motivation system when efficiency of goods productions and purchase increases because of workers and the executives functionalities.

If localized economy pattern based on developed principals of Islamic instructions alongside with operating of new approaches of strategic architecture in a change program in an organization is among strategies designed in development patterns, a clear picture of an economic pattern program at organization level can be experienced. This experience itself that can be regarded one of the effective elements in achieving influential economic patterns at society level.

In the perception of change strategic (geometry) architecture in an organization, localized economic pattern with made changes in designed economic patterns in executive organizations can deal with reengineering of its executive structures. This reengineering with the approach of fundamental changes according to achieving the results of changes in subordinate organizations of execution (regional economic patterns) can cause fundamental changes in localized economy patterns and be regarded among tools of programming and change execution in initial designing pattern.

In this path by dealing with a clear example of one of the designed economic patterns in Japan, an approach can be familiarized technically. In this country in accordance to its population, ethnical diversity, available talents and views and limitations in spatial availability in goods and services production and some needs in designing an influential economic pattern, operating from some tools are among development requisite in an era of time.

In this path there are other patterns forming in countries like China and India that express the changes in designed economic patterns in accordance to development in economic fields. With the same approach it can be pointed that in strategic architecture of change program viewing a localized economic pattern always with observation of economic innovations at organization, economic zone level and designed patterns in successful countries, operating new tools can be utilized in designing of influential localized economic patterns. These tools can cause the achieving of localized economy to technologies that enjoy high capability in establishing a change in localized economy in accordance to local economy development in supplying of infrastructures.

According to defined needs in working area toward operating of available capacities, elements such as key parameters of functionality in modification and assessment of activities in a period were taken into considerations of the experts and caused basic changes in designing economic patterns. These elements are taken from designed economic patterns at the level of executive organizations and deal with change program and its reengineering methods in societies (organizations).

3-1- Change strategic architecture outlook to a pioneer economy    

In the survey of Iran’s civilization, we face works from thousand years ago that introduce Iran as the civilization cradle with its own specific literature. This literature of that time emphasizes on rules and customs that their evidences can be observed in the set charter. Now, the evidences of that charter are observable in the United Nations and state the history and ancientness of Iran’s culture and civilization. This means that Iran’s civilization from thousands of years ago enjoyed moral charter and set methods in them besides other sciences, economy with the approach of defined programmed needs supply was introduced in clear rules and principles. It was a pioneer economy of a time that even developed countries of the present time which consider themselves in economy programming pioneer and standard-bearer were not existed. That economy with its specified literature in the form of methods dealt with the ways of goods and commodities exchange between different ethnics in Iran or other foreign ethnics of other countries. This literature by Iran tendency to Islam gradually adjusted itself with Islamic customs of this religion greats like respectful Prophet of Islam (peace be upon Him) and could cause expansion and development of an economy with Islamic approach in the vast country of Iran. By surveying of the effects in economic exchanges between Iranian ethnics and people of other countries it can be stated that Iran’s economy with a record of thousands of years follow traditions and customs that are rooted in the ancient civilization of Iran as a great economic power of the time. An economy in an ancient land with a glorious civilization and honorable figures that their works are being used and patterned in many developed countries at global society level as distinguished works of Iran ancient culture and civilization. Presented works from Iranian scholars in several sciences like mathematics, medicine, astronomy and many other sciences are among differentiated values of Islamic Iran society and have been taken into attention by researchers and scholars interested to these sciences at global society.

In nowadays situation that Iran’ economy is influenced of economic activities at global society level and some economic shocks resulted from different elements, it needs operating from new economic programming and it seems that by designing of defined patterns in change program architecture (change geometry) that emphasizes on operation from new organizational reinforcements approaches, Iran’s economy can be placed in a proper path of programming and economic developing activities. This path needs a serious will for entering a new condition in the form of a dynamic economy with special approach in pattern designing and operating from updated and programmed economic models in different executive areas.

In the view of strategic change architecture, a pioneer economy is the product of common cooperation between countries economic bodies. These bodies in fields of policy-making, programming, execution and supervision on execution are focusing on programming and developing of functionality improvement in economic fields and are using new change tools.

As mentioned, designing of economic patterns at the countries macro level besides defining policies and setting strategies in accordance to achieved developments in the fields of micro economy and achieving new tools of economic programming can be reengineered and reviewed. In this path this volume of ‘the plan of the great path’ by dealing with form structure of communication between organizational reinforcements and the way of communicating between these tools in a change chain in organizations attempts to deal with a approaches in the form of new influential tools on designing economic patterns in organizations. These approaches in the form of designed strategies in organizations’ perspectives can manifest their effects in the development of organizations functionalities improvement and accordingly achieving valuable consequences in economic fields.

In viewing change strategic architecture in organizations, achieving valuable economic results                   in organizations is among strategies that can affect a country’s headway in economic fields. This trend gradually by correction of economic structures in organizations utilizing the program of change strategic architecture adds organizations capabilities in working models and expansion of goal markets. These capabilities, in their inclusive forms at the executives level and the country industrial complexes, while decreasing organizational costs and increasing functionality efficiency, can play important role in economic headway of organizations.

4-1-Change strategic architecture outlook to a productive and internal economy      

In surveying defined approaches in a productive and internal economy, this point is important that such economy be studied with an inclusive definition and from a managerial approach. Here ‘productive’ means that producers (goods, services,…) by relying on internal capacities and operating of updated knowledge of production have an understanding of suitable production according to consumption standards. These standards that are based on recognized needs in the costumers’ society express appropriate productive patterns with the approach of qualitative and quantitative improvement of products in different stages.

In a productive economy, the level of products quality in accordance to the decrease of production costs resulted from the improvement of productive elements, is a distinguished priority in marketing and selling of products in the country internal and external markets. If cultural infrastructures are established and they are generalized to all levels production activities in the country, this priority can cause working model increase by increasing of the level of competition and offering qualitative goods of an appropriate price.

Productive and internal economy relays on the society available resources in research about products qualitative and quantitative improvements in the area of production. By surveying of some internal productive companies in recent years, the observed achievements state the successes of some knowledge-based companies in the area of production for attraction creating in both internal and external markets. Observing of some of the available capabilities in the realm of production by Iranian researchers and producers both cause the improvement of Iranian products qualities and draw the attention of some foreign companies to survey the functionalities of such companies. By observing of such capabilities and talents in Iran’s society it can be stated that Iranian talent enjoys the ability of phenomenon manifestation. In productive and internal economy available talents of human resources as a great capacity by operating of updated knowledge cause operating of the capacities available in the country in forms of industrial, mineral and … capacities in the path of the country economy development. In such economy, achieving updated knowledge of production in areas if industry, research and services can be realized just through operating of updated knowledge of human resources. This knowledge need expansion and this expansion can be achieved through the improvement of the human resources functionality quality by operating of specialized educational tools.

All in all, internal and productive economy is relying on its own internal capacities and updated human resources knowledge in production can have the capability of production in itself and in this path when faces problems resulted from economic shocks can strengthen itself. It is an approach that in change architecture program in economic fields can manifests its influences.

In the view of change program architecture, such economy is the product of expansion of research and knowledge-based activities of productive complexes in the country. This approach in its expansive form needs establishment of proper infrastructures in organizations and human resources improving programs. This volume of ‘The Plan of Great Path’ introduces operating of organizational reinforcements as their developing and communicating tool in the form of change geometry in creation of a valuable chain in organizations as an effective strategy in Iranian organizations reinforcements and regards it one of the infrastructures of planning and establishing of such economy.

5-1-Change strategic architecture outlook to a knowledge-based economy      

By surveying of managerial approaches in many industrial developed countries, this approach is observable that the share of research activities in production process is more valuable than other activities in these countries. In such countries, production of a new product is possible in conditions that research activities after passing their stages, achieved appropriate consequences in the production of an engineering, pilot and initially evaluated sample. In these countries, spending costs in researches is an approach of cost-opportunity. This opportunity prevents expensive costs of repetition by increasing their reliability level in research, engineering sample production, pilot making stages.

Productive knowledge and improvement of products in such countries can be of distinguishing features the marketing and competition for export and technical and engineering services. These exports can cover a major part of the country economic costs. Today, by observing carried out actions in some developed countries or some developing ones trying to localize production knowledge of a specific product, it can be concluded that achievements gained from exports of updated knowledge not only could absorb assets resulted from these exports in the country but also introduced the countries as an economic pole at global society level among the countries possessing that technology and knowledge.

Change strategic architecture in organization that is formed based on effective communication between new organizational reinforcement tools is a new approach that introduces the currency of data exchanges in organizations. This currency considers the communicative element between organizational reinforcement chains in change cycle as the knowledge for achieving reinforcement patterns. In the volume of ‘The Plan of Great Path’ respectable addresses are familiarized with new methods of knowledge distribution and transfer between parts in organizational reinforcement. This is the knowledge that in later chapters with the approach of processing and designing of change pattern (change strategic architecture) in organizations is dealt with.

6-1- change program architecture view on independent-to-oil economy   

This economy emphasizes on dependency to one raw product. This raw strategic product made both major part of Iran oil-dependent economy and many Persian Gulf countries economies dependent to its God-give resources. This economy rooted in selling and consumption of crude oil and some of its initial processed materials. In an analysis to this area of economy due to materials mentioned in the parts related to productive and knowledge-based economy, it can be said that oil is an invested and strategic material for the country and can be regarded a country’s assets. A material that due to God favor as a precious investment is among underground assets of this country as a great capacity. By surveying of all available capacities in Iran these questions is always asked that how long other capacities should be neglected and by just depending on one of these capacities, place the country in a damageable situation. Can’t any programming be done for operating other capacities? Bu pondering over this question and surveying other mineral and industrial capacities of the country we come to a point that describes the necessity for change architecture in economic fields of the country and emphasizes on it as one of the country needs. A need that in the counter macro economy policies (general policies of resisting economy) special attentions are paid on and in the texts of such policies it is dealt with completely.

In the change program architecture in the field of economy, among elements need pondering is the approach of improving of the knowledge of crude oil and its products recycling that has to be taken into attention. This indicates the need for establishing other products export markets parallel to oil for absorbing the investment resulted from goods exports. This is a process that by improving the level of other products export resulted from the country available capacities can lead the country economy to an economy with minimum influence from oil selling. This path besides its specific difficult problems needs programming, management and operating from the country available capacities in an appropriate way.

In the view of change strategic architecture in the field of independent-to-oil economy, the concentration is on the country other capacities and designing and establishing of infrastructures for reviving, operating and reprocessing of these capacities as one of the necessities of programming. These necessities in the body of economic programming need operation from effective methods in designing patterns and defining strategies for expansion of capabilities of the country other economic sectors.

7-1- change strategy architecture view to general policies of article 44 of constitution

By surveying of available managerial approaches in article 44 of constitution that indicates the decrease of the role of government in economy and according to available features in executive management in privatization structure of economy, this article with the goal of structural correction following ceding a great volume of industrial and service structures to private sector for reviving of this sector for entrepreneurship and decrease of unneeded costs. In new perspective (change strategic architecture) emphases are on operating of organizational reinforcement tools for improving qualitative and quantitative capacities of theses complexes. Article 44 can be considered as the country great opportunities that by increasing of private sector participation in industrial and service activities provide suitable conditions for the presence of entrepreneurships in productive fields is regarded among suitable capacities of expansion of private sector. Of course this important issue as dealt with in the article 44 needs designing of strategies and following the law and regulations explicitly stated in this article.

8-1- change strategic architecture view to reinforcement of private sector  

By surveying of article 44 that indicates privatization in different executive parts in different fields of the country production, it can be stated that the increase of private sector in productive and service activities in the country executive organization and decrease of the government possession can manifest its influences in maximizing of execution procedure and decrease of costs resulted from the parallelism and improvement of execution quality procedure and product and … .

By studying the country designed economic general policies, this issue also has be taken into account that by privatization of activities, set goals in the article 44 of the constitution can be realized. These goals are for right realization of privatization and emphasizes on the capabilities of substituting complexes for ceding sectors. Article 44 indicates privatization has to be led to increase the level of influence of functionality indifferent fields and decrease of unneeded costs and emphasizes on effective management by private sectors and seeks this approach in solving problems like unemployment, increase of quality level of presented products, decrease of parallel cost and etc.

9-1- change strategic architecture view on internal products consumption            

By surveying of defined pivots in change economic program and dominant spirit over article 44 of the constitution that emphasizes on privatization of activities, support of national product at the country macro level are among necessities that change strategy architecture dealt with that effectively. This process that has its own specific features emphasizes on the necessity of change pattern dsiging in previous product structures and operation of organizational reinforcement tools in the process of production and while persuading consumers to use internal products, persuades industrial complexes in reengineering of manufacturing procedures and operating of strategic reinforcement tools. In change strategic architecture with the view on support of internal products processing of two main elements of improvement of capabilities of production for increasing of market shares and improvement of the culture of internal products consumption are among elements taken into attentions of change program designers at the organizations level and the country macro level at an extended level. These are elements that while operating of reinforcement tools in two executive and cultural sectors simultaneously are taken into account and designing and execution-wise enjoy their specific features.

This approach in executive parts deals with the improvement of the level of quality of productive reinforcements deals with the reinforcements that by playing their effective roles while establishing proper conditions in production trend, cause the increase of internal product consumption share of market. This approach rooted in performing corrective actions and reengineering of executive processes of production by using organizational reinforcement tools are among supposed consequences in their outlook supervises results like decrease of costs and increase of functionality efficiency. This supervision that by operating of modifying and measuring mechanisms of functionality in the form of standards, cause the achievement to goals like decrease of costs by the decrease of numbers of repetitions and the share of consumptive material and resources by improvement of production quality level. In the cultural part that deals with the improvement of the culture of internal products consumption also operating from organizational reinforcements can influences on knowledge-expanding tools and the culture of operating of internal produced products as a substitution of foreign products consumption and in this path designs its own strategies.

  1. A) The improvement of the level of capabilities of production inside the country
  2. B) The improvement of the level of the culture of Iranian-made products consumption as a substitution of foreign products consumption


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