The Smiling Banana

The Smiling Banana

Written by: Hamid Reza Shah Abadi

Illustrated by: Hassan Mousavi

Publisher: Ofoq

Publication Date:2016

Age Group: Pre School

ISBN: 9786003532168

Size: 23 cm X 20 cm

Pages: 28

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Simplicity at its best is manifested in this picture book. The contrasting beauties of nature mingles with the imagination of author and illustrator and creates a story children won’t forget easily. The happy banana changes the life of a gorilla and shows him another way of life. Others badger the Gorilla because of his affections towards a banana and they are forced to leave that part of the jungle, in search for peace and quiet.  They are united with another Gorilla, who has a smiling apple friend. The main message of the book is what has caused struggle and frustration for many: Change, and the acceptance that change is necessary and most likely, fruitful, in every aspect of the word!

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