The Tales of Sabalan Trilogy

Author: MohammadReza Bayrami

Publisher: Soore-ye Mehr Publications

Year of Publication: 12011/3rd Edition

Age Groups: Adults

Size: 21×14


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◙ The book was honored in Iranian literary festivals.

◙ The book won Bern Golden Bear Prize in Swiss.


Right Sold:

-Iran (Soore-ye Mehr)-America (Mazda Publications),-Swiss (….)

About the book:

“The Tales of Sabalan” trilogy is a series of young adult novel as, with the definite potential of publication as a unique novel in one volume:

The Mountain Called Me

No. of Pages: 118,

This book is the story of a young boy named “Jalal”. In winter and in the mountainous and snow-covered village of Sabalan heights, Jalal’s father dies following a hard illness. Since his family is in poor financial conditions, he takes the responsibility of them. He had to grown-up before his time and helps his family. But he knows that all his efforts are no use. While snow-sweeping, he becomes sick and also cuts his hand when shattering the fodders .Finally, when his family is in straitened circumstances and despite his uncle’s disagreement, Jalal goes after him to hunt the partridge. Following avalanche collapsed, the uncle who was looking for partridge at the edge of cliff was snowed under. Jalal tries to take him out of snows .So his character and potential has been stabilized in this way. This book is the first volume of “Sabalan Stories Collection “which has received many domestic and foreign awards.


At the Edge of Cliff

No. of Pages: 96

Continuations of winter and heavy snow fall have brought about new problems for Jalal and his family and mountain village. Village retinues die; wolves wander around the village night and day to take carcasses. We can ambiguously understand through the looking of wolf that the shepherd of sheep is the person who goes around with staff and the wolf enjoying splendorous destiny is now wishing for hunting but he doesn’t have past power. He tries to near the herd several times but the shepherd and sheep-dog prevent him. The wolf who can’t abandon sheep herd, continues following and comes to the village to discover the stable of sheep. At night, the wolf climbs up the roof of stable but he can’t find any way to enter there. He walks around the hole of roof with insolvency for a long time. Finally, he jumps into the stable and eats the first sheep. He finds out that he doesn’t have any way out. He kills the other sheep to make a mound and reach the roof but he doesn’t succeed. In the morning, owner of the herd comes. He sees the stream of blood seeps from under the stable. So he informs the others to catch the wolf in the net. Rather killing the wolf, owner of the herd wears a bell round the wolf’s neck and frees him in the mountain. Since then, this wolf becomes well-known. Review on this book by Shohreh Kaedi was recognized as the best critique of the year.



No. of Pages: 138

Heavy winter passes. Jalal is waiting for holidays to go to village accompanied by his family. Pastoral life in village along with its dangers considers new experiment for Jalal. So he feels restless for the promised time. Finally, migrant tribes come and take Jalal with themselves. Different events occur. They discover intact scenes and confront with new animals. They find a footprint of an animal beside the pasture fountain coming to pasture at nights and destroy everything there while grazing. Finally, they find out that the footprint is of a horse. They lie in wait of the horse in different nights. Jalal who has not forgotten “Qashqa” is very concerned and doesn’t know this horse is his or not. They lay trap for horse and intend to catch him but he escapes. Due to darkness of night, Jalal is not able to recognize the horse correctly. Since Jalal doesn’t want to lose his hope, he is not so eager to be solved this problem. In this story, horse situation indicates the vague position of Jalal’s future.


About the Author:

MohammadReza Bayrami (Iran-1957)

MohammadReza Bayrami is one of the most successful Iranian authors of memoirs, fiction and war novels for young adults and adults.  He has written more or less 40 novels, story collections and novelettes for children, teenagers and adults. He has always been a mainstream Iranian figure and has won tens of national awards – including IRI Year Book- and two international awards, namely Most Valuable Bear and Blue Glass wearied snake from Switzerland. He has been a nominee for Swedish Astrid Lindgren Award for two rounds. The Children & Teenagers Authors’ Association in Iran has selected him as one of five top authors of the country. Some of his books have been translated into German, English and Arabic and published in some countries. Feelings, images and imagination in the works of Bayrami enjoy special tenderness and honest that can be visualized in the mind of the reader. His works involve beautiful fantasies that often consisting the union of art and great image. If this images and rich imagination are formed in the significant structure, then they take special beauty.His works have received several prestigious literary awards to date.

Some of his Works:

1- ‘The Last 7 Days’ (literary reminiscence),Soore-ye Mehr Publications,1390.

2- ‘The Hanging Bridge’ (novel),Ofoq Publications,2002.

3- ‘Eagles of the 60’s hill’ (novel), Soore-ye Mehr Publications, 2009.

4- ‘Mountain called me’ (novel), Soore-ye Mehr Publications, 1392.

5- ‘On the edge’, (novel), Soore-ye Mehr Publications, 2009.

6- ‘In the Summer-quarters’ (trilogy of Sabalan stories)

7- ‘Smoke behind the Hill’,Ghadyani publications,1396.  

8- ‘Shadow of a Cricket’, Soore-ye Mehr Publications, 1398.

9- ‘The Myth of Dragon and Water’ (novel), Ghadyani publications, 1393.

10- ‘Naneh Mahtab’s Kind bird’ (novel), Souroosh Publications, 1988.


-‘The Mountain Called Me’ has bagged several literary awards such as ‘Golden Bear’ Award, ‘Blue Cobra’ Award and ‘Switzerland Book of the Year’ Award.

-‘Hello Stone’ has received an Honorary Diploma from the Best Book Design awards in Germany, an international award competition.

-His 7 books have been honored in Iranian literary festivals such as Ghani poor,Anjoman-e Ghalam,Kanoom.Ketab-e sal….. during recent years.





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