Thirteen: Criticism (13 Vols.)


Author: Behrooz Arzhangpoor

Publisher: Raz Institute

Year of publishing: 2015

Subject: Fiction ( Short Story)

Language: Persian

No. of Pages: 1450

Size: 14×21 

 ISBN: 9786007840283


◙ English text is available.

◙ This book series are the first in a series of books on the subject of the rights of citizens’.

◙This series of books, due to their social concepts and constantly and eloquent texts with has been welcomed by the majority of Iranian audiences.


About the book:

Superstition, despite the economic developing in modern societies, still dominates on the minds of the people .The main cause here would be originated in underdevelopment of people’s social and cultural behaviors .The key of any kind of all – out social progress and development is depended on the structure of society and the people’s beliefs. Any reforms in social norms are resulted from reforms in people’s behaviors and beliefs. Even in communities with people who abide the laws and regulations, if individual and social behavior, emanating from their beliefs, does not work appropriately, people do not doubt caught the community without problems and societal harm and anomalies.


This collection of short stories, in 13vols. covers critical and analytical approach to individual and social behaviors of people, in under developing countries in particular. Each volume contains 13 interesting short stories concerning to social problems, in the form of a popular narrative and eloquent. In addition, at the end of each cover you could find screenplay that concern to social abnormalities. Such dissonances are not limited to a particular time and place and all human communities suffer it, so the audience of this series of books scattered across the world. Every day we experience such problems, but since they are occurred repeatedly they have been routine and will not be considered. Undoubtedly by reading these books, while readers benefit from the joy of reading short stories, they could attain the ability to observer the occurrences exactly and try to make their social behaviors better which ultimately resulted in society with appropriate   behavioral patterns.


About the Author:

Dr. Behrooz Arzhangpoor (1966/Iran-Naghadeh) 

Dr.Behrooz Arzhangpoor is an Iranian active physician, author, poet and research in the field of literature, linguistics, poetry and social issues He penned articles and books, in fiction in particular, more than twenty years and has given lectures in prominent literary and scientific meetings and conferences in Iran and abroad. Arzhangpoor is one of the few Iranian authors has penned on syllable poetic style and known as the founder of a new poetic style of syllabic-stop-stress. His book named” syllabic-stop-stress Meter “was the first book that is written in Iran and the world. Arzhangpoor married and is the father of two children and now lives in Iran. Meanwhile, treating medically in Tehran hospitals, he writes and research constantly in Literature and Poem as well. At present, Dr. Arzhangpoor has engaged in composing a long Epopee named as title “Love- letters of Sacred Defense”. In this valuable book, the writer narrates Iranian peoples’ resistance and courageous against rapists in contemporary time .The first Volume of the series has been published recently.

Some of his published books:

1- “Syllabic-stop-stress Meter” Keykavoos Publications, Tehran, 2015.

2-” Love- letters of Sacred Defense”, Raz Institute, Tehran, 2014.

3-“Promise of Miracles”, Keykavoos Publications, Tehran, 2014.

4-“Thirteen (13-volume set)”,Raz Institute ,Tehran, 2015.

5-” Persian Break time”, Raz Institute,Tehran, 2015.

6-“White Marriage”, Keykavoos Publications,Tehran, 2014.

7- “The Legand of Mayour”, Keykavoos Publications, Tehran, 2013.

8-“Barn”, Keykavoos Publications,Tehran, 2013.

  1. “Children’s Village”, of Raz Institute ,Tehran, 2015.

10.” Azerbaijan”,  of Raz Institute,Tehran, 2015.

11.” The Culture of Driving 13-volume set”, Raz Institute, Tehran, 2016

12.”Culture of Civilizenship , Raz Institute, Tehran 2016.

 Sample Pages:

Chorah Aqhaji (The Ladder of Success)

– Ochi, Come let Cannes Film Festival wash.

-Why, my dear Burchin?

-Oh, and why not. We do not have a good financial situation. You couldn’t take a trip to a near place. How are you going to earn several million Tomans of money together, and go and stay France a few days?

-Dear Borchin among all Iranian photographers, I selected as top cameraman, if I am selected in France as well, five million dollar will be awarded to me, and do you know how much Tomans it is?

-No. How much?

-175000000 Million Tomans!

-What! Really! Only for 4 photos!


-Ochi, it can change our life entirely.

-Yes, my dear. As that known proverb “It doesn’t take place, but if it does, everything would be excellent.”

-O, my God, if everything is okay, what happens?

-Borchin, I promise if I win the prize I would give the half of the money to children that cannot educate due to financial problems.

-When you have been so generous and open-handed? We haven’t had any room for ourselves yet and are forced to move from here to there every year

-Do not take it seriously. It was something I say.

-It isn’t necessary to say nonsense .Now; we should provide the money of your travel tickets.


After a few days

-Borchin, good news, good news, and the problem were solved.


-Ask nothing. Only give my reward for good news.

– Why are you busy? Say what happen? Do your photos win the prize?

-Borchin, as if you want to make me unhappy!

-Why my dear. Do I have said bad words?

Unfortunately, yes.-

-Do not be spoil, Say what’s the matter?

-“Tomorrow” Magazine editor called and asked me when I would like to go to France.

-What did you say?

-I said the truth. I said that it may difficult for me to attend in the festival because of financial problems. Then the editor said,” You, as our photographer who managed to find the way to Cannes, are honor and reputation for our magazine. We give you a loan to provide your travel cost to France.

-Okay. So you had the loan. How do you want pay back the loan debt?

-It is 5 Million Tomans. It must be paid back within 2 years. Nearly two thousands Tomans for each year.

-What? Two thousands Tomans? We couldn’t supply our lives now; you say my dear, how will such amount of money be provided?

-Dear Borchin, don’t worry, God is mercy. I may win the prize!

-Yes you are right! “While the grass grows, the horse starves…”

-I don’t leave, if you are discomfort. But, you know this is a chance. We pay 5 Million Tomans, and may win 5 Million $.I could not have the loan and not go to France. You take the last decide Mrs. Burchin, I solely obey what you order.

-O’ Ochi. With these words that you say, I was obsessed and couldn’t say, “No”.


-I wondered, “I succeeded .I was certain she accepted it, if be informed about such amount of money. I got to my wish. What else do you want, Mr.Ochi If I win the prize it would be excellent!”


-Ochi, what are you whispering with yourself!

-Nothing, my dear.

-What, were you talking about receiving the prize?

-Either yes or no.

-Now come out from imagination world and go and buy two loaf of bread. It is the necessary thing in moment.

– Be obeyed Mrs.

-O’ My God, please let Ochi always be happy.

-My dear, I’m you camera! Flash! Lenz….!

– Go not talk so much. I’m very hungry.


-Borchin, It’s too late. I am afraid not to get to fly on time.

-Why you are in hurry. We get on time. Don’t worry.

-We should be in hurry. It may lose the fly.

-What’s going on Ochi? As if you are going to Nobel Prize ceremony. It is an ordinary festival, only its prize is remarkable.

-Okay .You is right. Please, just iron my shirt in quick.

-Take. This is the shirt of Mr. Ochi the first winner of Cannes Photography Festival and the owner of 5 Million $.

-Burchin, do you think I could be the first?

-Why not, my dear. You are master in capturing the moments.

-Burch! You’re mocking me?

-No, my dear. I saw it with my own eyes. You have done your greatest life hunting.

-You mean Cannes Photography Festival?

– Although this is great, but I meant hunting me. How could you hunt such beautiful and elusive Ghazal?

-Yes. It was my masterpiece. Now, let’s go my pretty Ghazal, it’s late.


 Why are you so impatient, there are still two hours to flight time?-

-We should be at the airport at least two hours before the flight time in international flight.

-Okay. You are right, but you could find the gate flight hasn’t opened yet.

-It’s better we could get soon; otherwise, more stress disturbed us.

-Ochi here is so crowded, let’s go out.

-Okay, but we should come back soon.


 -Sir, Sir, Sir…

-What? What’s the matter? What do you want guy?

-Sir, lady, please weigh you with my weight machine.

-What are you saying in our busy status? I am too boney to have weight. Do you want to know my weight? Only half a kilo!

-Ochi! This behavior is not right. The boy seeks to work honorable; he will not get money in lawful way. We should encourage him.

– Okay .You weighs first. You may have got some meat!

-Burchin, please slightly downs this side.

-What are you doing, Ochi?

-I want to take a photograph from the boy.

-you were in hurry! What happen now?

-Hey, Mr. Boy, please take a sit behind the weigh machine, just a minute.

-you don’t want weigh yourself?

-No, but I pay your money. Instead, I only want to take an artistic photograph from you.

-Huddle, put your elbows on your knees and placed your hands under your chin .Okay ,now ,open your book and notebook on the ground, turn slightly your head toward right, as if you are waiting customers will come.

-This way?

-Excellent, please one minute, one, two, three, cut.

-Sir, doesn’t want to weigh you?

-No, guy .How much should we pay?

-Any amount you like.

-one thousand Tomans is Okay?

-Pray for me kid, I vowed to pay the education cost of 20 kids, like you, if I could win the prize.

-I hope your safe is always full of money, sir. Have a good journey .Returning, please weigh yourself as well .I beg you set my name in the list too .I’d like to go to school very much.

-Okay .You will be on the first in my list.

-You promised in certain?

-Yes. In sure. You only pray. When I will return, I would have weighed myself thirteen times.


Honorable passengers of Flight 470 Iran Air to Hamburg, please refer to the counter No.6.

-Burchin, let’s go .Counter No.6.I think it is open now.


Now, my dear, is the moment to say romantic goodbye. I departure, but come back with the prize.

-Be success, my dear Ochi. Do the best there; you have no right to come back without Award. If you did not win, it is better to stay there and deposit loan installments every month to my bank account!

-Burchin, do you say these words in serious?

-Yes. Of course .You must take the first place in the competition .You must understand me.


-Lady, photos should be delivered to you?

-Yes. Which File?

-File 13. There exist 20 photos. Please be care all of them be copied.

-just a moment, please say your No. in competition?

-13 at present. I wish it will be 20 in final.

-O, My God! Thirteen! So bad! Name & surname? Ochi Tasviri, that’s right?


-Well. Your photos are copied. The festival will be started tomorrow and referee committee will evaluate them then.


In the Name of God. Hello honorable ladies and gentlemen. We start now proudly 20th Cannes Photography Festival. We congratulate the jury and all the photographers, who have intercepted in the festival.

The number and name of participants, the photos that taken into consideration and the scores are respectively announced. The highest score is 20.The one who could gain the highest score will be the winner of the competition. Now the name of participations:

-No.1:Mr.Muhammad E’badi from Algeria.

-No.2:Mrs.Elina from Italy.


So far, the highest score goes to Muhammad E’badi, from Algeria. He could gain score 17 from his 10 photos. Now, Mr. Ochi Tasviri, from Iran. He could grab 16.5 point from his first photo. It is very interesting and is about Urine Lake in Iran. His second photo is about Metro Station in Iran and crowd of people in boarding the train. As you see, one person has fallen on the rails, and people try to save him and train is approaching. Ochi gains 16 points from this photo as well. His third photo is about air pollution in Tehran. It’s really beautiful. The city is completely vanished in the smoke and you could see nothing, but smoke. He was able to gain 16.2 point in this photo.

So far the Algerian photographer is the first. But we take Ochi’s fourth photo into consideration. It’s about environmental pollution in the Coast of Khazr Lake. The photo is really unfathomable .Rubbish almost cover everywhere. This photo could success to take good score: 16.8. The competition will be close and breathtaking.

 Breath is locked in the chests. All are await the results of Mr.Tasviri. His competition with Mr.E’badi, from Algeria, is very close. Could he be successful? Just have to await the results.

Now, fifth photo, about children of “Shinva School” in Piranshahr-Iran. The heater caught fire in class, the girl students had severed burned and unfortunately their pretty faces damaged seriously. It was tragic to see, but it was able to score 16.8.Sixth photo is about the fall of the Bus, belonging to Sharif University’s students, in to a valley. Ms. Maryam Mirzaee, mathematical genius in the world was one of its passengers, of course, she could survive. This photo scores 16.

Seventh photo is about the crowd of people in Lorestan Province in Iran, where people had gathered to receive food packages, but unfortunately one person died due to overcrowding. The photo was able to score 16.9.The points are very good. Mr.Tasviri is back only a tenth point from Mr. E’badi.

Could the remaining three shots of Iranian photographer defeat the Algerian photographer? To know the result, we must stare our eyes on the clockwise and wait.

-O’ My God, please help me. Only after three shots, I could embrace happiness .Is it possible let me win. I promise you to be a good man. I repent from what bad and evil things done so far. Please pardon me .O’ God…please. I promise I have got twenty poor kids educated and…..

Now we come to see the eighth. In this photo you see a Sandwich Shop and some big white bags in the front of the shop. They are filled with Baguette bread that are become waste without using in proper. It scores 16.5. Photo No.9 is really attractive. As you see, it is a promotional photo. It shows red Emergency Fire Hydrant in black and green color. Underline the picture, the following sentence was written in oil color on the hydrant:

“Dr. Farhang Cultural & Educational Institution, educated in the field of Modern Socio-culture. We educate all levels of education. Add:………Tel…………….”

The referee gave 16.9 for this photo. Now the sum of Ochi’s points is one score less than E’badi’s. We must wait and see Ochi’s final photo. It could determine the fate of the match. All eyes are looking forward to the last photo. Could Ochi show his art in his last photo and grab the 5 Million $ and Golden sculpture of Festival? The competition is really breathtaking. The jury announced breaking times about 10 minutes; the competition will run again after a short break.


-O’ Lord, pardon me please. I lost the chances. Just take a photo before! How would I pay the 200 thousand Tomans installment?Since  my previous frames such as Fire Stations,Urmiye Lake , subway,and….. couldn’t make me winner, how the frame about leaving the train in Shiraz and Isfahan line is able to take the first place?I think no one  does set off that event occurred only  one day after the line was inaugurated .I  think  I should not waste my time more. It’s better to go out and drink coffee and then take some photo.


– Dear attendees and viewers around the world, now it’s the turn of the last photo of the 20th round of Cannes photography contest…this photo will define the fate of this round. Can Ochi Tasviri from Iran defeat Mohammad Ebadi of Algeria? Just hold the breath a few seconds to witness the final results of the competition and now the last photo will be exhibited on the scene, yes we are watching this picture…


-I could hear my defeat from the speakers in the area. Here the weather is how good. O’Dowd, admit that you didn’t accept my repentance…and you didn’t care for those twenty children who can’t go to school…and you didn’t like me…I’m finished, a loser…goddamn you Ochi. I wish I took a shot from a white deer squashed in the middle of the highway under wheels of classy cars for the last photo. So that all would know that Ochi Tasviri is crashed…how could I have made such a great mistake? That was not a contest photo. It’s a pretty ordinary photo; all of it is Borchin’s fault. You destroyed me woman, all have wives and I also have a wife. They say a woman is behind every successful man, it should be said that behind a defeated man in the world photography contest, certainly there is a woman by the name Borchin. I lost the contest for nothing. She asks me to shoot this lad…weigh yourself sir… Ochi look, the boy is working hard…give him money! What money you bitch?


– Now we’re watching the last picture, a very simple photo of a lad in the large airport lobby with a school bag by his side…his homework’s notebook and books are on the floor and the eraser and pencil are on the notebook. This thirteen’s looking youngster…instead of looking at his scale and homework notebook, has turned his head to look at the other side…as if waiting for something, waiting for what? It is not known, but the photo says that he has given up studying and is working with the scale as if waiting for something that will save him…the photo is very, very simple but full of meaning. This is the announcer’s opinion.  Now, we should wait and see the jury results. Scores are yet to be announced…time is passing incessantly and the result has not been announced yet…It seems the jury requires extra time to make up its mind. Yes, it has been 5 minutes since the screening of this image but the final decision remains unannounced and now…now supposedly the judges’ hands reached for the scores’ monitor and the score was announced…it’s incredible … such a thing is not possible! The ten judges all cast a similar vote, equal points; no…we’ve never seen such a thing in the nineteen rounds of Cannes photography contest. This is really exceptional and one may say it is the highest score in those twenty contests. Yes, twenty points for the Iranian photographer, Mr. Ochi Tasviri. Congratulations, Mr.Tasviri …you are truly a great hunter. The winner of the Cannes’ top prize. He was awarded two prizes, the award of the best photo of the twentieth round of photography and the winner of the exceptional award of this round which is getting ten twenties from world’s top ten photographers. Bravo, one must really be proud of this photographer and should praise him. He has truly created a matchless masterpiece and certainly his photo will be the world’s best-selling photo and all exhibitions will show it. Undoubtedly, it will be the most viewed picture. As you see, the scene of presenting the award to Mr. Ochi Tasviri is getting ready. Yes, now we have to ask Mr.Tasviri to come to the scene to take these great prizes:

–   Mr. Ochi Tasviri, a contributor from the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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