Thirty Stories, 30 Nights

Thirty Stories, 30 Nights (12 Volumes)

Author: Mozhgan Sheikhi

Publisher: Ghadyani Pubs.

Year of publishing: 2017 12th edition/Paperback

Subject: Short Stories

No. pages:  1112

Age group: 7+


ISBN: 97896445365804

◙ Selected as the best book in Iran Book of the Year Award(2007)

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Thirty stories, 30 nights is a collection of 365 children stories published in 12 volumes. Another four-volume collection is aimed to be read during the four seasons. This collection is addressing children aimed at helping them understand profound complicated concepts which is normally too hard for them to comprehend. Most of the stories are narrated by animals which reminds us of and is associated with a kind of modern Kalileh-o Damneh-type writing. Level one is allocated to kindergarten group of children. Level two is for the first graders and the third level is for the second graders. That is how the simplified stories are categorized for the parents to choose from. Each volume includes 30 stories. The ideal way is to read one story per night in sequence for the children. Thus, in one month one book will be/is completed/finished within one month. In order to prevent the child from finding it boring, the stories are made short. Therefore, it will be a bed-time story. The stories are diversified. The books include ancient tales, contemporary stories, Iranian and non-Iranian stories. They also consist of proverbs and poetry. The books are compiled in a new style, wording and language while being narrated in a new way.

The topics are as the following:1-A train’s birthday party,2-Miss. Cricket’s Wedding,3-Zebel and the Red-headed Sorcerer,4-Monumental photo of Lady lizard,5-When the rain of chickpeas and raisins drops/Rainfall of Chickpeas and Raisins,6-The bald with a sword,7-The donkey who loved ice cream,8-Mrs. Turtle’s Hat,9-Why did the sun oversleep? 10-Ghooghool Khan,11-The sad teapot,12-The window of Mr. Rat’s Home.

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