Top children’s religious books by Iranian writers were honored during the first edition of Iran’s Children’s Religious Books of the Year Awards.
The awards have been established by the Iranian Society for the Promotion of Persian Language and Literature.
“The Mystery of the Wonderful Aroma”, a life story of Imam Reza (AS) written by Fariba Kalhor was honored for its “creative rewriting.” The book has been published by Behnashr.
“Small Drops” by the Tehran-based French writer and illustrator Claire Jobert (Joubert) was selected as best fiction of the year.
Published by Jomeh, the book tells the story of some small pieces of clouds that are left by the breeze in the sky to play their games and return to the breeze at night. But, one of the clouds spends all its time giving drops of rain to the creatures in need of water.
Written based on a concept from the sura of Maum (The Daily Necessaries) of the Holy Quran, this story teaches children to be helpful for the benefit of others.
“The Absent,” tells the life story of Imam Mahdi (AS) skillfully novelized by Hassan Bayanlu. Sooreh-Mehr is the publisher of the book.
“Money, God, Children: Teaching Islamic Lifestyle” published by Jamal was honored for its educational aspects.
In this book, writer Gholamreza Heidari Abhari tells children about the factors such as illness, oppression, and corruption, which cause poverty in society.
Seyyed Ahmad Mirzadeh’s poetry collection “Doves and Gazelles” received an award.

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