Very Little Stories Series

Very Little Stories Series(Vols.5)

Author: Mehri Lahouti

Illustrator: Elham Ataee Azar

Publisher: Madrese Pubs.

Years of Publishing:2017/2nd edition

No. of Pages:24

Age Group:6+

Size:22× 22

ISBN: 9789640809129

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

A snowflake was moving around in the air. It said to itself: “Where do I have to go?” It went to a park and sat on a see-saw. The see-saw told it: “How nice you are! But what a shame that you are light to this extent and you can’t play with me.” Again the snowflake told itself: “Where do I have to go?” It went and sat on a flower. The flower told it: “How beautiful you are but what a shame that when the sun shines on you, you will be thawed.” Again the snowflake told itself: “Where do I have to go?”  A snowman was standing on the grasses of a land. It did not have a nose and instead, it had a big carrot on its face. The snowflake moved round and round on the snow-covered lawn until it became a small snowball. It jumped up, pulled down the carrot nose of the snowman and sat on its place. The snowman got happy and said: “What a pretty small nose. Lucky me! Now, I am a real snowman.”

This book includes eight fluent and easy-to-read short stories that challenge children’s thinking power about different children issues. The titles of the book stories are: A Snowflake, Butterfly, Stupid Lines, Wolf, Sweet Berry, Snagak Bread, Roundy and Berry Tree.

 About the Author:

Mehri Lahouti(Babol/1961),Iranian writer and poet has penned for children since 1991.She has so far published over five hundred books on children and young adults. According to herself she is a child who never wants to grow up. Some of her books are: Yousef’s Wolf(2016),Miss Ant(2016),Three Pearls(2013),Tree’s Weeding(2013),…….

Lahouti has been awarded many literary prizes such as Selected children’s book by Poopak Magazine and honorary awards from Madrese Pubs.

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