Would You Like to be a Whale

“Would you Like to be a ….” Series (5 volumes)

            (Would You Like to be a Whale? )

Author: Laleh Jafari

Illustrator: Fariba Asli

Publisher: Madrese Pubs.

Years of Publishing:2017/2nd edition

No. of Pages:16

Age Group:3+


ISBN: 9789640812129

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Daddy whale went hunting a seal with his children. They waited in the depth of the sea for the seals playing on the beach to enter the water. Right as they entered the water, daddy whale took his head out of the water and took a deep breath. So, above his head, a jet of water was formed. By seeing the jet, one of the young seals swam toward it but daddy whale felt pity for it and did not feel like hunting it. So, he and his children had to return home empty-handed and to eat the food left from before.

This book includes a short text, beautiful illustrations and attractive story that aims to teach children scientific concepts in the form of illustrative stories. By reading this book, children will learn useful points about whales. One of the special features of this book is the beautiful pictures of whales provided on the last pages of this book. 

 About the Author:

Laleh Jafari (Isfahan/1966) is one of Iranian writer and translator and has authored many stories for children. She has also written and performed puppet shows and written the scripts for several animations. Laleh Jafari mostly writes for children under five and older. Some of her books are: The athletic crow(2003),The red sock(2003),The prettiest places(2007),The wild giant(2009),Mr.rooster(2010),My parrot and I(2015),….

Jafari was honored in different book festivals such as: best book award from press festivals, best book award from Ghanipour literary prize and best book award from Hello Children award.

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