Writing Fridge

Series: Goody’s Adventures

Author: Payam Ebrahimi

Illustrator: Zahra Mohamad Nezhad

Publisher: Nardeban Books pub

Date of Publishing: 2017/ first edition

No of Pages: 24 Pages

Size: 23.5*23.5

ISBN:  978-964-389-856-4

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Goody’s Adventures Series are part of saving books of Nardeban. This series tries to teach children the importance of energy and energy-saving in a simple language and through indirect teaching. This series is written in cooperation with and under supervision of experts of this field.

Writing Fridge

The Writing Fridge is the fourth volume of Goody’s Adventures. This collection is part of saving books of Nardeban and explains the concepts of energy-saving for children by simple stories. In this story, Goody saw the new invention of Mr. Scientist that is a Fridge that is also a strange device called writing fridge and does weird things.

In a part of book we read:

Mr. Scientist, without looking at Goody, said: I’m working on my new invention; look, curly hair, I have invented a Fridge.

Goody asked with surprise: But fridge was invented many years ago.

Mr. Scientist thought a little and then answered: That’s right, maybe the fridge was invented many years ago. So I should say I have invented a new device that accidentally is so like a fridge. And I called it: Writing Fridge.


About the author

Payam Ebrahimi


Payam Ebrahimi is a writer and translator of children’s books. He has many years of experience in this field and he has published many works. Ebrahimi has a unique language and this characteristic makes his humor and language so distinguished from other writers. Recently, he has won numerous awards that one of these awards was Award of Selected Book of the Bologna Exhibit 2018 for the book ‘tak-khal’.

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