Hamidreza Shahabadi, Iranian talented researcher and writer, is educated in history. His main concern is retelling some social incidents of his country contemporary history in the form of story. His first novel (Before the Rain) was published in 1989. He began his profession as a writer by writing stories for children and adolescents. The addresses […]

Rahim Makhdoomi             (1966-Varamin) Rahim Makhdumi is a teacher and writer who was eager to write when he was about the age of adolescence.His first book was released in the year 1989. His writings are inspired by the life and character of Iranian warriors, those in the Iran-Iraq war, in […]

Fariba Kalhor             (1971/Tehran) Fariba Kalhor (1971/Tehran) is well known for Iranian young adults. Her books often enjoy social concepts. She was the editor of the monthly journal of Soroush-i Koudakan for 15 years. She started writing for the adults seriously, in 2001. Kalhor has reworked numerous stories and myths […]

Mozhgan Babamarandi has started writing for children since 1995 focusing mostly on teenagers. She is a well-known figure in Iranian children & teenagers’ literature and her books are published by famous Iranian publishers. Her stories reflect her own childhood. Her books contain ethical and social themes. She is fond of short-story format and this is […]

Mojgan Kalhor             Mojgan Kalhor, editor, translator and translator of child and adolescent literature, was born in Tehran in 1350. She studied English translation. In addition to writing some child and adolescent stories, Kalhor has also translated several novels for teenagers. Some of her works: -The Girl with White Ribbon […]

Mohammadreza Sharafi Khaboushan             (1978-Tehran) Mohammadreza Sharafi Khaboushan is one of the young talents of Iran’s contemporary literature who has become relatively well-known among Iranian audiences by authoring fiction books that contain new initiatives in terms of the language they use. He is well-versed in poetry in addition to storytelling […]

Sepideh Khalili              (1959/Tehran) Sepideh Khalili is a writer, translator, and journalist and began her professional career in writing in 1989.She has authored and translated more than 120 books for children. Some of them are: Like no one(2016), Titi and Tata(2013), Moosh Mooshak and shapes(2013),Surprise eggs and five other stories(2016),……. […]

  Davoud Amirian             (1970-Kerman) Davood Amirian is the writer who well-known figure in the Iranian children and young adults’ literature. His main interest of subject is war literature. He published his memories of Iran-Iraq war at the age of twenty. Satire and presence of young active and ambitious youths […]

Claire Joubert (1961/Paris) Claire Joubert is an author of children’s literature, writing in both French and Persian and sometimes illustrating for her stories. She lived in Iran since 1983. He has a bachelor’s degree in educational sciences, a master’s degree in children’s literature (distance from the University of Le Mans, France). She was interested in […]

Behnaz Zarabizadeh (1968-Hamedan)  (1968-Hamedan) is one of the most talented and active Iranian women writers who have been able to create valuable works, especially in writing diaries about the events of the Iran-Iraq war. Welcomed by Iranian readers and literary circles. In addition to the book’s compilation, Zarrabizadeh has worked closely with the cultural institutions […]