Tales for Children

Author: Alireza Motavalli

Illustrator: Sam Salmasi

Publisher: Mehrab-e Ghalam Pubs.

Year of Publication: 2017

No. of Pages: 120

Age Group: 14+

Size: 29× 21


About the Book:

Iranian Tales for Children is a collection of folkloric tales from all over Iran. The tales in this collection are based on wide repertoire of Iranian fairy tales. The collection consists of five volumes each containing 7 to 9 tales skillfully rewritten and illustrated for children .This collection, published alongside other fairy tale collections from all over the world, is specifically allocated to Iranian traditional tales.

  Excerpt: There was once a lazy, bald boy who wouldn’t get out of the house. He was a glutton and his mother couldn’t earn enough to feed him. Finally, his mother came up with an idea to get him out of the house. She bought three apples from the grocery store. She put one of them in the house, another in the front yard and the last one near the main door. The bald boy ate the first and the second, but when he went to pick up the last one, his mother pushed him out of the house…

About the author

Mohammad Reza Shams (1952), is a prolific author of Iranian children’s literature who has been awarded several times. He has also created several puppet shows for children.

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